There is No Planet B

Astronomers for Planet Earth (A4E) is an international grass-roots movement of astronomy students, educators, amateurs and scientists, working to address The Climate Crisis from an astronomical perspective.

D. Huppenkothen
D. Huppenkothen

Why Astronomers
for Planet Earth?

As astronomers, we focus our gazes upwards, away from Earth, away from home. However, the closest habitable planet is more than 40,000,000,000,000 kilometers away. We can learn much from our discoveries of distant worlds, but as noted by 2019 Nobel Laureate Michel Mayor, we cannot travel to them. As astronomers, it is our responsibility to inform the public that Earth is our only chance.

We have a unique point-of-view. Stretching the minds and imaginations of the public daily, we trigger awe while nurturing an astronomical perspective. We can turn this perspective inwards, back to Earth, bringing into the public’s focus the uniqueness, wonder and fragility of our only home—and the critical need to protect it & its climate.

Many of our members are busy working to nurture awareness and sustainable choices in the astronomy profession in general, and at our home institutions. Soon you will be able to read about our successes and in-progress journeys, and guide your own efforts, with our Institutional Change Road-Map.

D. Huppenkothen
D. Huppenkothen
Chemist and mission specialist Tracy Caldwell Dyson gazes at Earth from the International Space Station. Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA


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A4E invites scientists, astronomy educators, amateurs and students to join in the effort to combat the climate crisis from an astronomical perspective.

Our Mission

To provide the public with information to address the climate crisis.

  • We aim to share the unique perspective on Earth that we have as astronomers.
  • We aim to explain the science behind Earth’s warming climate.
  • We aim to share ideas and solutions for reversing climate change.

To provide astronomers with tools to address the climate crisis.

  • We aim to establish a community to amplify our individual voices and to provide opportunities for meaningful action.
  • We aim to gather and share resources to educate ourselves, our students and the public as we work together to combat climate change.

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