All hands up for the A4E symposium!

The A4E symposium connects astronomers from all over the world to fight for sustainability

The A4E Symposium is planned for November 28 – December 2 as a purely virtual meeting that should, of course, lead by example. All A4E members and externals caring about sustainability are invited. Goals are to define tangible A4E action with key performance indicators and to get more people actively involved in the work of A4E through new and current projects. It will cover

  • • learning about/analyzing current status of sustainability in astronomy
  • • taking action with A4E: how to get the ball rolling in community and our institutions
  • • future of astronomy conferences
  • • networking
  • • teaching sustainability through/in astronomy
  • • A4E internals

The conference page with the registration and a rough schedule is up, but we still need a lot of input and help for the program and the individual workshops.

We are still looking for individual workshop ideas and for people who can take over particular sessions, proposing talks or by assisting in the technical help.

If you can help, please join the slack channel #project_a4e_symposium or contact Sarah Wagner or Lola Balaguer Nuñez.