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After extended work on the statutes and their acceptance by the first assembly on June 9 in Würzburg, we registered A4E as a non-profit organization in Germany. Three weeks later we got the official
If you work anywhere in the world in the domains of cosmology, astroparticle physics or adjacent fields, would you consider endorsing our Sustainable HECAP+ paper? Please endorse it at GitHub. Most of the long
Together with “Wissenschaft im Dialog” A4E organizes a number of tours in the “Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” project in the framework of the German Year of Science 2023 “Our Universe”. The first tour
A4E members active in Australia and Oceania
Vanessa and Adam tried to convince the Astronomical Society of Australia to hold their 2024 meeting as an “online first” meeting. The proposal was rejected but “online first” was in principle encouraged for the
European A4E members gathered for a hybrid meeting in Würzburg, Germany on June 9-10. The meeting served 4 purposes 1.   sign the statutes and celebrate the formation of our legal entity „Astronomers for
The European Astronomical Society
We wrote a letter to the EAS president urging the EAS to provide a corrected accounting for their UN climate neutral now pledge. The current one misses 99% of their emissions by ignoring the
Active A4E members in North America
The group is working towards the big solar eclipses on October 14th 2023 and April 8th 2024 to provide many accompanying events. Connections to A4E include: bringing attention to Earth, inspiring awe and community
Hybrid approaches to conferences reduce the CO2 footprint
Based on the experience with the A4E symposium A4E members took the initiative to start to draft guidelines for sustainable and accessible (astronomy) events. On the one hand this is intended to help organizers.

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