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Active A4E members in North America
The group is working towards the big solar eclipses on October 14th 2023 and April 8th 2024 to provide many accompanying events. Connections to A4E including: bringing attention to Earth, inspiring awe and community
Hybrid approaches to conferences reduce the CO2 footprint
Based on the experience with the A4E symposium A4E members took the initiative to start to draft guidelines for sustainable and accessible (astronomy) events. On the one hand this is intended to help organizers.
Paper work for registration
After long discussions, we are now taking the next step with A4E and will register as a non-profit organisation in Germany. Over the past 3.5 years, A4E has grown from a few enthusiasts to
Impressions from the performance on Sept. 24, 2022
Infinite expanses, darkness, emptiness. Nothing could be stranger to us humans. We take our visitors on a mighty journey through space and time. Goosebumps are guaranteed. Experience the universe in its artistic splendor and
A4E connects astronomers from all over the world to fight for sustainability
The fully virtual A4E symposium, organized by Sarah Wagner, Beatriz Mingo, and many many helpers within A4E was a great success! We had more than 500 registered participants and vivid discussions in the individual
A4E members active in Australia and Oceania
A4E was presented by Adam at the CAP 2022 conference, held in Sydney.  A longer version of the presentation was also given as a seminar hosted at HAA Victoria but to the wider Canadian
Active A4E members in North America
The regional group meetings restarted in September after a break in July and August.  Meetings are now on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month at 10 am Pacific time.  Several new faces
Standing together in A4E - Hands Joined for Earth
The new system for the intake of new members is now working well, and is much easier to use than the previous method, such that intake is now usually occurring daily. Unfortunately, not all
Our new website, launched on Earth Day, April 20, 2022
Ongoing work covers the re-assigning of old resources to the new categories. We outlined a plan for a Members Only Resource area that should be implemented soon. A new resource submission form for members


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