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Active A4E members in North America
Join us at the North America Regional Meeting!! North America regional meetings happen every first and third Friday of the month. Here we discuss a variety of different matters regarding climate and the environment
European A4E members gathered for a hybrid meeting in Würzburg, Germany on June 9-10. The meeting served 4 purposes 1.   sign the statutes and celebrate the formation of our legal entity „Astronomers for
Paper work for registration
After long discussions, we are now taking the next step with A4E and will register as a non-profit organisation in Germany. Over the past 3.5 years, A4E has grown from a few enthusiasts to
“Die Register des Universums” is an event / project by the German chapter of A4E. The following description is in German. Die Register des Universums Unendliche Weiten, Finsternis, Leere – eine recht authentische und


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