European in-person A4E meeting June 9-10 in Würzburg

Meeting you in Würzburg

We invite all European A4E members to join us for an in-person meeting in Würzburg, Germany on June 9-10. The meeting should discuss the ways forward to register as an official organization with the Germany authorities. Moreover, we will discuss the directions of our work in the near future. The meeting can be well connected to visiting the “Organ Sounds from the Universe” the evening before in Nürnberg. There will be discussion slots available to connect online from other parts of the world as well.

If you plan to participate in person, please, register via this form until May 3.

It would be possible (and really cool!) to connect several regional hubs all across the globe. If you are available to organize one in your region or institute, please reach out on Slack in #project_a4e_meetup_europe or contact Tobias Beuchert, Leonard Burtscher, Christoph Wendel, or Sarah Wagner.