From the Europe regional group

A4E member distribution across Europe (statistics from April 2022)

Recent meetings included presentations by Olivier Berné about the Labos1p5 collective in France, and discussion about reactions and the way forward from Jürgen Knödlseder’s paper about the carbon footprint of astronomical research infrastructures . One key success of Labos1p5 is that it allows work on issues related to environmental impact of research by French researchers to be professionally accounted for. Olivier emphasized their decision to adopt a “reclaim power” strategy, to avoid asking for permission from higher institutions and to avoid death-by-committee. Key conclusion from Jürgen’s paper is that profound systemic change is needed, as incremental adjustments to our existing professional practices (e.g. flying less, better commuting habits, more vegetarian meals) are not compatible with IPCC trajectories. As a result, a Slack channel #project_statement_science_policy has been created to discuss writing a white paper/position statement/open letter to agencies about what changes are needed and how to make them happen, with particular attention to the impact for early career researchers.

Every help is needed. If you feel you can support the work, please join the slack channel #region_europe or contact Annie Hughes.

(July 15, 2022)