From the North American regional group

Actionable Hope: An Interdisciplinary Discussion for a Thriving World

A4E North America Friday meetings are informal, with the agenda driven by members who come to the meetings.  In the spring, members decided to devote half of each meeting to making phone calls and writing letters in support of campaigns run by organizations including the Union of Concerned Scientists, Climate Changemakers, and the Climate Reality Project.  Another focus in the spring was planning for an event that took place on May 3 on the campus of San Francisco State University, Actionable Hope: An Interdisciplinary Discussion for a Thriving World, which included speakers from NASA, the SETI Institute, the California Academy of Sciences, and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.  Video highlights can be viewed here.

Join us!  Meetings are announced on Slack in the channel #region_northamerica or contact  Adrienne Cool or Chris McCarthy.  Keep an eye out for a poll in August to pick a time for meetings in the fall.

(July 15, 2022)


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