The Local Level

Many of our members are involved in organizing on the local level. Learn more and connect to members in your region by viewing the chapters below, or consider starting your own!
The German Chapter of A4E is composed of (former) professional astronomers, astronomy educators and policy makers. We focus on activities in Germany and in German language, but are in active contact with the A4E European group as well as with the international A4E community. We are currently working towards registering A4E in Germany as a legal entity ("eingetragener Verein" in German). Our prime outreach event in 2022, was the astronomical organ concert "Register des Universums". Please see below for our professionally produced video teasers of this event (German narration with German and English sub-titles) . We are actively planning two performances in 2023, more to come soon...
The SFSU Chapter of A4E is composed of students and faculty in physics & astronomy. We are committed to taking action on the local level, and are working with the SFSU Office of Sustainability to advocate toward solutions. We are actively focused on actions our department itself can take, such as promoting composting and reusable materials around snacks at weekly colloquia. We are also working to engage local educators and activist groups outside our university, and to participate in community events. Do you live in the San Francisco Bay Area? 

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