Member survey to help guide A4E’s website resource development

The Astronomers for Planet Earth (A4E) education and outreach working group is in the process of building the resources section of the A4E website with support from a grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation. The group is also considering how best to support members’ use of A4E resources for their teaching, outreach and advocacy. To help guide these efforts we would appreciate your taking this 12-question survey! It should take ~10 minutes to complete.

A special note to members involved with planetariums: The A4E network is also considering how to support members who work in a planetarium or use one for teaching or outreach. A few additional questions at the end of the survey will help guide that effort. In the first phase of this project many new resources have been added to the Documents & Materials section of the website under the Resources & Materials tab. Materials now available include resources for use in astronomy classrooms, multimedia for use in public outreach events, and webinars and written materials to help astronomers educate themselves about causes, impacts and solutions to climate change and about effective climate change communication. Several changes have also been made to the associated web pages to help make it easier to locate and retrieve resources of interest.

Many of these materials are publicly available. Others are available only to members and require a log in. Don’t have a login yet? You can create one by entering your email address in the login area and clicking the “Lost your password” link.

Do you have materials you would like to share with fellow members or with the public through the A4E website? Please contact

For comments or questions about this project or how to access resources via the website please contact the website resources working group on the slack channel #wg_website_content or the website maintenance group  at #wg_website_technical.