Organ Sounds from the Universe

Impressions from the performance on Sept. 24, 2022

Infinite expanses, darkness, emptiness. Nothing could be stranger to us humans. We take our visitors on a mighty journey through space and time. Goosebumps are guaranteed. Experience the universe in its artistic splendor and scientific beauty. Feel the power of the organ and the colorful sounds of the extremes. Our destination: Earth, a lonely speck of dust in the light of the sun, a lonely spaceship in the middle of the deep and empty universe. For the universe our Earth is hardly significant, but for us it is everything. It seems the universe has pulled all the stops. A4E and Susanne Hartwich-Düfel (cantor and organist of the concert church St. Matthäus, Erlangen) celebrate the second event on June 8, 19:00Uhr in the Meistersingerhalle Nürnberg, Germany.

Join us on this big event. It can be well combined with the European A4E meeting in Würzburg. If you want to help in this activity contact Tobias Beuchert or  Leonard Burtscher on Slack