Report from the A4E meeting in Würzburg

European A4E members gathered for a hybrid meeting in Würzburg, Germany on June 9-10. The meeting served 4 purposes

1.   sign the statutes and celebrate the formation of our legal entity „Astronomers for Planet Earth e.V.“
2.   administrate of the new club: elections for the board, secretary, treasurer
3.   discuss about what we want to achieve with the club in the first year and further on; discussion about fundraising strategy etc.
4.   network and get to know each other better

The meeting was connected to visiting the “Organ Sounds from the Universe” the evening before in Nürnberg.

It was a great experience for everyone who participated and we succeeded in finalizing the statutes and electing the officials so that the procedure could go on to register A4E as non-profit organisation in Germany.

Many thanks to Sarah Wagner, Christoph Wendel, Tobias Beuchert, Sebastian Jester and Leonard Burtscher for all the organizational efforts of setting up the meeting.