Statement on event organization

Hybrid approaches to conferences reduce the CO2 footprint

Based on the experience with the A4E symposium A4E members took the initiative to start to draft guidelines for sustainable and accessible (astronomy) events. On the one hand this is intended to help organizers. For more information about that we refer to the work from The Future of Meetings, e.g. published in Moss et al. 2020. On the other hand this can serve as a checklist for potential attendees. If they are not comfortable with the way the event is set up, they can refer to this document when engaging with the organizers. We hope to drastically decrease the carbon emission caused by astronomy events and want to provide clear criteria that constructive criticism can build on. The text is currently iterated within A4E and is soon to be published on the A4E Website.

If you are interested to contribute to this, please join our slack workspace #roadmap or contact Sarah Wagner. For long-term strategies towards sustainable conferencing you are also welcome to join the slack channel #A4E-TFOM. We are looking forward to getting your feedback!