Statement on Social Justice

Astronomers for Planet Earth was created to improve the lives of all people by addressing the climate crisis. Communities that have been exploited historically are the ones most affected by climate change. Therefore, a discussion about climate solutions must involve social justice and racial equity. It requires us to think about how black, indigenous, and people of color are bearing the brunt of the crisis, enduring the first consequences of our changing world.

We are a global organization that encompasses many walks of life, including black lives. And they matter.

The astronomical perspective allows us to see how small our planet is and how we must work together so that all of humanity can thrive. At a time when we can accomplish so much, such as sending humans to live in orbit and explore the Universe, how sad it is that we are still dealing with such a small mentality that a shade of skin color makes one person feel superior to another.

We stand against any system that regards any group of humans as inferior. We stand against any system that seeks to exploit or profit from the pain and suffering of others. We stand together in fighting for a better world.

The Consequences of Climate Change are Not Shared Equally

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A4E invites scientists, astronomy educators, amateurs and students to join in the effort to combat the climate crisis from an astronomical perspective.
Summer Milky Way, Thoreau, NM. J. Lowenthal

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