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Actionable Hope: An Interdisciplinary Discussion for a Thriving World
A4E North America Friday meetings are informal, with the agenda driven by members who come to the meetings.  In the spring, members decided to devote half of each meeting to making phone calls and
Scene from the A4E video "Earthrise"
Two of Steve and Jessica Agnos’ most recent short films were produced for Earth Day and World Oceans Day — Earthrise and Oceans of Our Solar System.  In May, they were invited to showcase
University Life can be more sustainable
Sarah Wagner and Christoph Wendel decided on getting active for more sustainability at the chair of astronomy in Würzburg by writing an open letter to local representatives – on the one hand politicians and
A4E member distribution across Europe (statistics from April 2022)
Recent meetings included presentations by Olivier Berné about the Labos1p5 collective in France, and discussion about reactions and the way forward from Jürgen Knödlseder’s paper about the carbon footprint of astronomical research infrastructures .
Standing together in A4E - Hands Joined for Earth
The new automated (Zapier-Mailchimp-Wordpress integrated) membership pipeline was launched on Earth Day and is humming along. We are receiving about one new member registration per day. New members are granted a login to the
Even remote Zoom meetings need a good coordination across the time zones
A new project aims to organize regular A4E meetups across time zones. Initially the aim was both to provide a platform for networking / getting to know A4E members and also to provide project
The European Astronomical Society
Since the EAS council shows a continuous lack of action towards any of the sustainability goals that they have even set themselves (by joining the UN climate neutral now initiative), most members of the
Paper work for registration
We want to set up a German non-profit (e.V. for “eingetragener Verein”, registered association) so that we can start collecting and spending money and hire staff for doing campaigns and advocacy. We expect to
Material for climate teaching
With the launch of the new website, we have focused on the public resources, with the goal of revisiting the members-only resources once we work to develop the backend. We have developed a vetting
Rosemary Barnes was our April webinar guest
The webinar series continued in April with Dr. Rosemary Barnes, an Australian engineer who works in renewable energies and runs a YouTube channel called Engineering with Rosie. The Q&A was held on April 14th.


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