The A4E Webinar series

Rosemary Barnes was our April webinar guest

The webinar series continued in April with Dr. Rosemary Barnes, an Australian engineer who works in renewable energies and runs a YouTube channel called Engineering with Rosie. The Q&A was held on April 14th. The next speaker in our queue is Olivier Berné, but he has not been scheduled yet. He is the last speaker before we transition to scheduling via the Webinar Steering Committee, who will now take on the responsibility of scheduling future speakers. The number of views of the webinars have been good but it would be nice to increase participation in the Q&A sessions. It is worth thinking about ways to improve the webinar format. For example, we could use a more traditional format of having the talks and Q&A sessions together.  We could also eliminate the Q&A sessions, although they do get a good number of views afterwards. Ideas are welcome!

For our YouTube channel, we would like to increase the number of views and likes on the videos. What we need to do is to brighten our channel a bit and to actively promote the webinar series. Here are a few tasks that we need help with:

Our channel is lacking a banner on top (pale blue dot image or maybe the background image from our homepage? The format must be at least 2048x1152px and ratio 16:9). Could you send us 1-2 suggestions for such a banner?

Similar to the ESO Supernova channel, we could use uniform thumbnails for every video uploaded. Do you feel comfortable with Photoshop, GIMP, or similar to design such thumbnails? It would be great to have similar thumbnails as the ones shown in the example with different colors for webinar videos and videos for the general public (different target audiences, who need to be able to distinguish the video content at first sight).

Finally, we would ask you all to share new uploads of the webinars in your networks via twitter or Linkedin or similar, placing a direct YouTube link.

To get updated, please join our slack channel #webinar_info or contact Travis Rector or Mary MacDonald.

(June 22,2022)