The A4E website

Our new website, launched on Earth Day, April 20, 2022

Ongoing work covers the re-assigning of old resources to the new categories. We outlined a plan for a Members Only Resource area that should be implemented soon. A new resource submission form for members was created so that it will become much easier for any member to suggest a resource. It still needs to be linked from the Members Area of the website, Adrienne submitted an NSF proposal to help support this work from SFSU. Results are pending. The working group is looking for enthusiastic new members who would like to use our shiny new WordPress theme to create web pages, edit content and help with the technical backend. The group meets once per month on the last Thursday of every month (next meeting is  Oct 27th 4pm UTC). If you can help with the website, please join the group.

Slack channel #wg_website_content or contact Kathryn Williamson, Leonard Burtscher or Adrienne Cool