The A4E Website

Our new website, launched on Earth Day, April 20, 2022

The new website went live on Earth Day, both the site and the membership management system now allowing for a clear procedure for registration. This has been a long road with hundreds of hours of work. Some minor tweaks and changes are still being implemented gradually over the coming months by Wendy and Pawel (from Sci Ani). In particular, the Wall of Partners page is still “coming soon”. The group is calling for new members to now start helping bring the content to life (by submitting content for the cosmic perspective gallery, blog, resources, etc. via the members forms). We will be able to share a form in the Slack channel to give members the opportunity to create a login/password to be able to view the Member Only Area of the site (which is still evolving, for now it just has the members form to fill out for submitting content to the blog, etc). If you notice a required change to the website, please send a message to the Slack channel of this working group so that Wendy Crumrine can add it to the queue.

If you think you can contribute, please, join our slack channel #wg_website or contact Wendy Crumrine, Leonard Burtscher or Adrienne Cool.

(June 20,2022)