Towards Green Cement in Türkiye

The Turkish government has decided to expand the use of green cement (CEM II, CEM III, CEM IV, CEM V) with low carbon emissions in government buildings. Green cements, which contain less than 95% clinker and more than 5% mineral additives, are categorized based on the type of mineral additives used (such as limestone, silica fume, fly ash, and pozzolan). A nationwide announcement has been made to promote the use of green cement, highlighting its environmental sustainability and technical advantages. Consequently, green concrete will be utilized in observatories, science centers, universities, and institutes built by the state. Over the next decade, the adoption of green cement is projected to reduce carbon emissions in building construction by 11 million tons and prevent the import of 1.3 million tons of petcoke and coal, fossil fuel components. This initiative is expected to yield environmental benefits equivalent to planting 500 million trees.

For more detailed information, please contact Cenk Kayan.