Using Eclipses to Catalyze Discussion of Climate Change

The A4E Resources Working Group is hosting a live online gathering on Tuesday, September 19th at 6pm UTC (2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific) to share eclipse-related educational resources and brainstorm ways to leverage the eclipses toward climate change (register here). These connections include: coming together to remember ourselves as Earthlings and our collective power, the ability of science to correctly predict events, the preciousness and fragility of Earth, and the importance of Dark Skies and animal and ecosystem health. The main resource to share is a video created by Steve Agnos Films to – “Alignment for Planet Earth” (English) and “Alineación del Planeta Tierra” (Spanish). The video is general, i.e. no specific eclipse date or location, to allow for their use beyond the current eclipses and at any location around the world. A4E members are invited to help translate to other languages as well. The A4E Resources Working Group plans to use this meeting as a pilot model for future gatherings to share resources among members.

If you want to contribute to collect related material pleas join the slack Channel #wg_website_content and/or contact Kathryn Williamson.