Web resources available

Material for climate teaching

With the launch of the new website, we have focused on the public resources, with the goal of revisiting the members-only resources once we work to develop the backend. We have developed a vetting process for non-group members to submit resources for consideration. This group meets every month, with additional bi-weekly meetings as needed. Efforts have focused on learning the backend editing of the website, and now we look forward to adding several more resources in the coming months. Additionally, we have narrowed down the currently nine categories to six:

1. Carbon Footprint of the Astronomy Profession
2. Communicating from a Climate/Astronomy Perspective
3. Articles, Books & Presentations by Members of A4E
4. External Climate Resources
5. Non-English Resources
6. Placeholder (“Coming Soon”) – under discussion to call this “Climate Career Resources”

If you want to help, please, join our slack channel #wg_edu_and_web_resources or contact Julie Bolduc-Duval, Anna Hurst or Kathryn Williamson

(June 22,2022)