Welcoming new A4E members

Standing together in A4E - Hands Joined for Earth

The new system for the intake of new members is now working well, and is much easier to use than the previous method, such that intake is now usually occurring daily. Unfortunately, not all new members have yet joined our Slack space, though. This online discussion platform is really where most of the A4E discussion and action planning is happening and we urge all new members to have a look at http://astro4earth.slack.com. Reasons need to be investigated. The wall of names should soon be back and up to date. A couple of possible students were identified to hire to help.  So hopefully, we’ll have some folks to help with this stuff in not too long.

If you can help, please, join the slack channel #wg_members or contact Adrienne Cool, Wendy Crumrine, or Sarah Deveny