Working group to welcome new A4E members

Standing together in A4E - Hands Joined for Earth

The new automated (Zapier-Mailchimp-Wordpress integrated) membership pipeline was launched on Earth Day and is humming along. We are receiving about one new member registration per day. New members are granted a login to the Members Only Area of the website (which is still just in its beginning incarnation, currently members have access to member only forms where they can submit blog/gallery/resources/newsletter content to be reviewed by our volunteers in various working groups). On the website, old members (those that registered via the old pipeline) are invited to contact us to receive login credentials. In the coming weeks a link will be provided on Slack where old members can create their login credentials.

If you want to help the working group, please, join the Slack channel #wg_members or contact Adrienne Cool, Wendy Crumrine, or Sarah Deveny.

(July 4, 2022)