Wrong EAS CO2 accounting

The European Astronomical Society

We wrote a letter to the EAS president urging the EAS to provide a corrected accounting for their UN climate neutral now pledge. The current one misses 99% of their emissions by ignoring the conferences organized by EAS that are eventually part of the “Scope-3” emissions of the EAS. EAS cannot hope to achieve the self-stated goal of „climate neutrality“ if it incorrectly excluding 99% of the relevant emissions. The letter urges EAS to publish a correction to the declaration and calculation and submit it to the UNFCCC and to correct the erroneous statements in the EAS newsletter.

Meanwhile, Roger Davis answered our letter for the EAS council. While he emphasized the need for assessing and reducing the carbon footprint of the EAS activities, he addressed our complaint about the neglect of the CO2 emissions caused by all the trips to the EAS annual meeting by the simple argument that the “EAS annual meeting has an entirely separate budget from the EAS as a society” and therefore does not need to be reported within the emissions of the EAS as an organisation. We note that this practice is not compliant with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol standard that prescribes including all emissions induced by the activity of an organization in its accounting. Obviously, global warming cannot be stopped by denying responsibility through budgetary tricks, like outsourcing emissions to a fictive entity.